I have been on a business trip for almost 2 weeks – Guadalajara, Orlando, Reston. Audits, audits, audits. It’s not relaxing and there isn’t much site-seeing, but meeting so many nice colleagues around the world gives me a huge push. You are aways welcome, get help and have a chance to peek inside the live in their countries. That’s very different to just an touristic holiday trip. And after you have met someone in person it is so much easier to communicate later on phone.


Installation in front of the Instituto Cultural CabaƱas

I had a weekend to spend and decided to take the Saturday in Guadalajara and fly to Orlando on Sunday. A workmate showed me the town center and we did visit two museums, a historical and one with modern art. Great. Guadalajara is a nice and vivid town with plenty of public art. The Mexicans seem to love this. And the food, and the jugos, I love fresh juices.

Now most of the year’s travel is done, only a short trip to Bucharest left in October.

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