mathias-IMG_5557Who am I? I got through school somehow, did go to university, got a diploma in physics, and finally added a PhD. I’d study physics again, nothing to regret.

Later I decided that to do something different, started with a major IT company, survived being bought by another major IT company and now work globally in information security compliance and certification. My work is very international, and really not to bad.

I am living in Bavaria, that’s a state in the south of Germany. I am a native German speaker, writing in English because of my many worldwide contacts, and because I can do it. Don’t be shocked by a sudden changeover¬†to German.

I am also a friend of East Africa, especially Tanzania. Since a few years I am trying to get Kiswahili into my brain. The success is somehow limited.

My name? Mathias Kussinger

In this sense: Karibu!


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