Tiled Ceiling with LEDs

bibdecke-IMG_5754The whole project started with the idea to build a lighting for our living-room that uses LEDs. I didn’t want to just simulate light bulbs, but use their specific features.

bibdecke-IMG_5002The result is a ceiling paved with 40 square panels that are indirectly illuminated with LED stripes in the frames. I have mixed warm and cold white LEDs to mix the color as needed. The wall rims have RGB down lights. And there are also two spot lights. The LEDS are connected in groups that can be individually programmed in light scenes. I am using 18 dimmer channels. The maximum power is about 680W, but for ‘normal’ lighting about 35W are sufficient.

The tiles are made of ply wood, painted mat white. The frames are 2 by 3 cm, manually milled in shape. I have built a special clamping fixture to be able to mill the required 10° angle. The LED stripes were cut into 15cm pieces, 4 of each color, soldered with wires and glued into the frames.


The scenes are controlled through a DALI bus system from multiple locations in the room. I have used about 30m of warm-white and 30m of cold white LED stripes, and some RGB stripes.

The LED stripes are from http://www.ledfux.de


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