Three weeks of vacation are over. What exiting things did we do?

  • Grind the old color of six more windows and doors and paint them.urlaub15-IMG_6619
  • Replace the leaking roof of the shed and replace it with a new one.urlaub15-IMG_6612
  • Cut the bigger openings for the four new skylights, seal three of them.
  • Make the wiring for the three electric ones.
  • Build two of the four new reveals. The old ones don’t fit for the new windows.urlaub15-IMG_6617urlaub15-IMG_6615

That doesn’t sound much, but it kept us busy for three weeks. There is still plenty of work to do at the house. Two more reveals need to be made and installed.

After that I am done with construction work. I want to get back working on the Walker.